Our Story

Day 1 of MOKIPOPS - 2016


MOKIPOPS was a small homeschool idea for our three little kids (ages 3, 5 and 7) We started out knowing nothing about the popsicle industry, the food business nor business at all! After two years, our son (who was 7 years old at the time) said, "How can we make more money and not be at every single event?" This began our serious commitment to establishing a solid business for the sake of our children and our family.

We have grown the brand and reputation of MOKIPOPS around the city creating the best formulation of a popsicle and putting it into the mouths of every person we connected to. Many companies caught wind of our energy and wanted to help share our story from GoDaddy and NBA (Atlanta Hawks) to magazines like Entrepreneur, ATLANTA, Southern Living, and shows like VOXAtl, Atlanta Small Business Network...

MOKIPOPS Founder 2023


We have sold hundreds of thousands of our natural frozen fruit bars. We have gone from a humble home kitchen in 2016 to shared facility and now our own dedicated factory! We are a long way from the hand molds that we started with. Now we automate machines that produce thousands of pops per hour.